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Journey in Tanzania

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Travelling in Tanzania

While bordering Kenya massively attracts tourists in search of change of scenery and of African exoticism, Tanzania still remains a badly known country in Eastern Africa. The natural and cultural wealth of this country have nothing to envy to its Kenyan neighbour. Here is a quick overview and favourites not to be missed.

Visit Dar es Salaam

Economic capital of the country, on the coast, Dar es Salaam is one of these great animated African cities. A visit through the fish market provides a unique and unforgettable experience, where the returns of fishing are colourful and smells moments!

This closeness to the sea provides Dar es Salaam this so singular character, between past and present which continue to be closely linked. This former counter of slavery benefits from an intense commercial activity today which contributes to the economic development of the city. Dar es Salaam, it is also a rich melting pot, with a mix of the cultures, emphasized and anchored in the old capital of Tanzania identity.

How to get to Dar es Salaam without embarking aboard an outbound boat for Zanzibar


Go on safari in Tanzania

Tanzania, it is, of course, its national parks, less known than those of nearby Kenya, but nevertheless so rich in an exceptional wildlife. Just like Serengeti or still just like Ngorongoro, where the most fortunate will be happy to see the “Big Five”: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros.

To best enjoy these stunning experiences during a journey in Tanzania, facing the majesty of these animals freely evolving in their natural environment, what best than rent a tent or a lodge?

The Panorama Safari Camp Tanzania, offers the possibility of installing a tent or staying in an “African igloo”, with several options to go on safari.

Staying in a “Tourist house”, like Burudika Manyara Lodges is a synonym of immediate change of scenery. A lodge with 6 bandas, or bungalows, the possibility to discover a full range of varied birds, but also to savour a national or international high quality cuisine. The icing on the cake is its closeness to the national parks and the famous circuit of the North of Tanzania.


Moshi and the Kilimandjaro

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Getting up the Mount Kilimandjaro during a trip in Tanzania in Amboseli


Among wealth and magnificence of Tanzania, the Kilimanjaro is the highest peak of Africa. Its snowy top remains an attraction and a challenge for many hikers. The least hardened will appreciate a hike around the mount for a permanent entertainment. The Babylon Lodge in Marangu-Moshi is an ideal starting point to climb up the Kilimanjaro, leave for one-day hike or simply relax after a safari for example.


Dream stopover in Zanzibar

Its dream beaches, its spices, its majestic architecture… an enchantment. A journey in Zanzibar. Stone Town, its alleys, its mesmerizing smells, its sculptured wooden doors, its music.

Journey in Zanzibar
Reputed for its environmental protection, the FRUIT @ SPICE is the dream place to stay for a wedding night.


Nungwi, Pongwe, Kendwa, Jambiani… many suggestive names driving you towards banks marked with an incomparable exoticism.

This exoticism we find in hotels during a stay in Zanzibar. In a traditional house of a 10 rooms capacity, the Beyt Al Salaam, close to the sea and in the core of the old town, is a 4 stars hotel benefiting from a privileged location and proposing an unaccustomed oriental charm.

Still in the center of Zanzibar Stone Town, with a sea view, the Tembo House & Appartment offers a good value for money. Moreover this 4-star hotel welcomed several celebrities, among which Mr Gandhi (1930), as well as Freddie Mercury.

MyHotelAfrica website, specialist of hotel booking in Africa, offers a wide choice of institutions in Tanzania and particularly in Zanzibar, for any budget and any desires. This selection includes for example the Fruit @ Spice, 5 stars hotel in Zanzibar, for a relaxing trip and an invitation to escape and dream, with an environmentally friendly spa. Ideal for a honeymoon. As for the luxurious 5 stars hotel Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa, , get all the comfort with fitness, dinner on the beach, safari excursions … The real dream coming true…

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