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There are some destinations that make everybody dream. For sure, Marrakesh is one of them. The architecture, the colors, the smells, the animation, the marrakchis: so many elements that contribute to the unique charm of this fascinate and bewitching city.

stay in Marrakesh
Visit Marrakesh and stop at the inescapable Place Jemaa-el-Fna.

Visit Marrakesh

You cannot obviously stay in Marrakesh without spending a moment on the mythical Place Jemaa-el-Fna. In the daytime and at night, it is the core square in Marrakesh. Sellers, storytellers, snake charmers, dancers take place beside the multiple nomadic workshops proposing a so typical and delicious cooking, in a friendly and festive way.

This exceptional and magic agitation makes the Place Jemaa-el-Fna peculiar and one of the symbols of the city.

Another unavoidable during a visit in Marrakesh: the medina. With more than 600 hectares, it is the biggest square in Maghreb making it classified in the UNESCO world heritage.

Rush and stroll in its alleys, get lost in its souks, stop in front of a fountain or a garden, make the most of this ongoing and colourful show.

Then push the door of a riad and get into these luxurious cottages. Today most of them host guest houses or hotels in Marrakesh.

Inextricably linked to the city : the mosque of Koutoubia is an architectural wonder and, down from its 69 meters high, establishes a very practical landmark for the tourists.

And then, in Marrakesh, there is also the famous Garden of Majorelle, built in 1923 by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, who passed his name on to the blue of the same name. The garden got acquired in the 60’s by Yves Saint-Laurent who created a place of exception, with a lot of palm trees, bougainvilleas, cactus, banana trees and other exotic plants. Both its luxurious vegetation and its colors make it exceptionnal with a unique atmosphere.

Hotels and spas in Marrakesh

Of course, the city counts numerous hotels for a stay :

All available for easy booking on the website

Where some hotels in Marrakesh only offer rooms to their hosts – for sure incredibly sophisticated with a very unaccustomed decoration – others, just like the Kasbah Le Mirage Hotel, provide a deep exploration into the oriental culture thanks to beneficial properties of body care in coveted spas.

In this institute for example, exfoliating treatments and massages are followed by a mint tea tasting served in terrace facing the palm garden, for a little more relaxing time.

stay in Marrakesh
AIn the core of the Marrakesh medina, the Kasbah The Mirage Hotel is one of Marrakesh numerous spas.

Riads in Marrakesh

What would be Marrakesh without its riads ? These typical cottages built around a garden…

A stay in a guest-house fitted out in a riad : a dream for many tourists searching for a both authentic and magic experience. Now, this dream can come true in Marrakesh! Indeed number of riads were refurbished and rehabilitated to welcome customers. Intimate guest-houses or human-sized hotels, everyone can now find what he is looking for.

In a couple of clicks on website, supplying an enriched offer of hotels and other accommodations on the whole african continent, it is then possible to book for a fabulous guest-house, a riad or simply a hotel in Marrakesh. Learn more about each accomodation by reading the description and check that criterias matches your wishes.

Dar Limoun Amara, Dar Ouladna, La Rose d’Orient… this names with suggestive sounds that in a few words, takes you travel to the 1001 nights country, in Marrakesh, for a night or even more…

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