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Cameroon, this western African country, so called ” miniature Africa “, seduces both by its vegetation diversity and its nature reserves as well as by its wealth and its ethnic and cultural variety. How to discover this country and to understand it so to deliver all its magnificence? Our advice and information to make a success out of your journey in Cameroon.


Travelling in Cameroon

Even though it is not the most popular country of the African continent nor the one which attracts the greatest interest from tourists, nevertheless Cameroon is a part of these immensely rich countries, on a natural and cultural and a human being point of view.

Endowed with natural reserves, national parks and equatorial forests, Cameroon is indeed a paradise for nature and big spaces lovers. Moreover Cameroon owns the highest mount of western Africa, the Mount Cameroon.

Other landscapes, other atmospheres: on the Atlantic Coast side, its long beaches make a haven of well-deserved rest for the hikers, while the northern savanna and the dry grounds appear like a call to exploration.

But Cameroon is also considered as a gigantic ethnic melting pot, where more than 130 ethnic groups speak at least tens different languages.

If Cameroon doesn’t belong to the favourite African touristic destinations, it owns the necessary trump cards to protects itself from mass fatal tourism.


About Cameroon

The ” seven hills ” city and capital of the country, Yaoundé is an African metropolis where remains a permanent excitement. Among not to be missed districts during your stay in Cameroon, Messa, Mokolo or the Briquerie are integral components of the Cameroonian life.  The famous grilled chicken is definitely one of the key points of the local gastronomy.

The town artisanal center, the museum of Cameroonian art as well as the museum of African art are also some places to go when you visit the country.

125 miles West on the coast, Douala stands out as a key city, particularly with its artisanal center town, its museum, but also its strategic situation, offering a marvellous air platform. Douala allows to join other Cameroonian cities, just like Kribi, idyllic sea resort in the South and white sand beaches: the expatriates den. 50 miles away from Douala, a little bit further north, stands Limbé, another appreciated sea resort.


Hotels and inescapable places in Cameroon

You cannot go to Cameroon without visiting its famous Mount! With its 13 431 feet high, the Mount Cameroon is indeed the highest apex of western Africa. The ascent, (easily accessible without any particular physical preparation), starts at Buéa, between Douala and Limbé.

And of course, Cameroon is also the incredible national park of Waza counting hundreds of elephants, lions, giraffes and other hippopotamuses, monkeys, birds, etc. The recent national park of Korup is a rich source of fauna with a splendid flora.

As for the accommodation in Cameroon, a wide range of 2 to 4 stars hotels is available, meeting then the all tourists expectations. Take a look at MyHotelAfrica who offers a wide selection of accommodations on all the African continent, in particular in Cameroon.

Among 4-star hotels, Djeuga Palace Hotel in Yaoundé, is a high-end hotel in the continental style offering a restaurant, a swimming pool and a meeting room.

Trip to Cameroon
Outside Djeuga Hotel


In Douala, the Akwa Palace Hotel, between colonial and modern style, and the Falaise Yaounde hotel.

Hotel Cameroun
Akwa Palace, in Yaoundé, between modern comfort and colonial style


Still in Douala but 3 stars hotel, the Planet hotel is the ideal address to stay during a business trip in Cameroon. In Limbe, the SEME BEACH hotel or the Résidence Sare hotel in Bafoussam offer one very good value for money.

In Kribi, the 2-star hotel Framotel Kribi, with its 3,5 hectares of garden, is the perfect place to stay for relaxing or for a business trip. As for the Somatel Hotel Yaoundé, it pleases tourists in search of a quality place at a very reasonable price.

You can book any of these accommodations directly from the online booking service MyHotelAfrica, the dedicated website to the accommodation in Africa proposing the widest possible selection of hotels in Africa, whatever expectations or budget you may have.


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