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Safari in Kenya

Fauna & flora

If Africa generally makes a lot of travelers in lack of exoticism dream, Kenya holds enough jewels to be a mythical destination. In the meantime, its beaches, forests and mountains are certainly so many indisputable assets. Nevertheless a journey in Kenya means the safari.


Discover Kenya

Located in the Great African Rift Valley, Kenya is known for some major cities, among which Nairobi, the capital, and Mombasa in particular.

Nairobi counts among the international megalopolises and is noticeable for a sizeable asset: its national park. A few miles away, the fauna makes you dive deeply into the country's culture, observing four of the "big five" (lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo). Getting back to the city that very evening to visit the National Museum and merge into the urban agitation.

voyager au kenya

In the South of the country, on the coast, Mombasa is an important Kenyan harbour city, travellers passing through. Nevertheless it holds some places to be, a few minutes away outside the city: the old district, the Strong Jesus, or Nyali Beach.

Kenya wouldn't be Kenya without its national parks and more specifically the Kenyan safaris!

The Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Hell's Gate, Meru, Nakuru... so many evocative names linked to an exceptional fauna in a collective imagination.  Zebras, elephants, gnus, pink flamingos, leopards, giraffes, primates, hyenas...

Zèbres, éléphants, gnous, flamants roses, léopards, girafes, primates, hyènes... indeed make the travellers happiness to see incredible sceneries and for real. The African dream life-size!


Staying in Kenya

During a stay in Kenya, it is relatively easy to find an accommodation matching your expectations because of the tourist attraction of this country. As such, MyHotelAfrica, online booking service of accommodations in Africa, offers an exhaustive range of hotels, for all tastes and all wishes.

The 5* hotel InterContinental Nairobi Hotel is so situated in a haven of peace, in the heart of Nairobi.

Intercontinental Hôtel à Nairobi
Intercontinental Hôtel à Nairobi

Intercontinental Hôtel in Nairobi, a haven of peace in center-town.


Still in the 5* range, the Mei Palace Appartments, in Mombasa, offers luxurious apartments for 4 to 6 persons.

4 *is the Heri Heights Serviced Apartments with 46 comfortable apartments in Nairobi.

Also, the Nightingale appartements offers apartments to travellers in search of relaxation, in the very well-known Nyali, in Mombasa.

Back to Nairobi for the Boni House, a 4* Bed & Breakfast fitted out in a private house offering a view on the Karura forest.

More authentic and perfectly adapted to travellers avid to live an experience as closely as possible to African nature with all modern comfort, the Ol Moran Tented Camp Maasai mara is located inside the Eco-system Masai Mara and on the Ololaimutia embankments.

The Losokwan Camp is however situated in the north of Masai Mara reserve, and makes one of the best observation points of fauna in this exceptional ecosystem.

Losokwan camp
Losokwan camp, live the experience of the African safari closely to the fauna.


In Mombasa, the Reef Hotel is a 3* hotel facing Nyali Beach, et offering an ideal frame for resting after a safari.

Home like, the Bahari Dhow Beach Villas is located 40 kilometres away from Mombasa on Diani Beach.

Then, among its large selection of hotels in Kenya, MyHotelAfrica also suggests the guest house Kisiwa Guest House Lodge, in Mombasa.

Living a strong and unforgettable experience in Kenya during a safari goes through a qualitative accommodation. And this is exactly in the idea of creating unique trips to Africa that MyHotelAfrica, first online booking plateform 100 % dedicated to African accommodations is targeting: offer a widest possible range of hotels and guest houses.

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